Sweet facts
Coconut Sugar

The Coconut Sap Sugar ADVANTAGE:

all-natural * organically-grown * a whole food * chemical-free * NO synthetic adulterants * unrefined * minimally processed * pesticide-free*    LOW glycemic index *  RICH in vitamins, minerals and amino acids *

1. Coconut Republic's coconut sap sugar comes from the sap of cut flower buds of fresh, organically grown coconuts in the Philippines.


2. The sap of coconuts from which the coconut sap sugar  is 100% made of  - is a whole food . Coconut  is a  whole food with 5,000 years of historical,  recorded safe use in food preparation as compared to ALL the artificial , synthetic, chemical-based sweeteners which were invented in laboratories only 30 years ago but which  sad to say,  dominates the sugar / sweetener industry today.

Artificial sweeteners consists of man-made chemical compounds that are truly toxic to one's health, and are literally made of chemicals and is not  really food  at all.

All artificial sweeteners have no nutrients whatsoever . Its main selling point is that is has either no-calories or only has low calories. The toxic health dangers and deadly risks  that  all artificial sweeteners brings actually offsets its main selling point of having no or low calories.

Other natural sweeteners in the market on the other hand, may be made of natural ingredients too,  however, too much refining or processing as well as the addition of other synthetic additives removes the vital nutrients in the sugar / sweetener and it now ends up as a junk food.

3.  In Coconut Republic's coconut sap sugar  - there are no artificial or synthetic ingredients used. It is unrefined and undergoes very minimal processing unlike most processed and highly refined sugars / sweeteners. Refined sugars constitutes a source of toxicity to the cell membranes and it becomes inflamed.


4. Based on several glycemic index  test results from the Philippines, USA, Japan and Australia - coconut  sap sugar was found to have a LOW glycemic index in the range of 35 to 54 Gi per serving which means it is blood sugar-friendly as it will not trigger a dramatic spike in the blood glucose level or blood sugar. Coconut sap sugar is especially useful and will be a healthier alternative for those who are pre-diabetic and / or diabetic.  Unlike all sugar-cane based sweeteners (i.e. refined white sugar, brown sugar, muscovado sugar, turbinado sugar, demarara sugar, sucanat sugar,  molasses, dehydrated cane juice sweeteners, etc ) which all have a HIGH glycemic index rating between 65 to 100 Gi per serving


5. While most sweeteners, specifically ALL artificial and synthetic , chemical-based sweeteners are devoid of any nutrients, coconut sap sugar is RICH in vitamins, minerals and amino acids (see "coconut sugar health info" for the details) . The best food choices are the most nutrient-dense foods. Nutrient-dense means: food that contains a large number of nutrients (e.g.: vitamins, minerals, amino acids ,etc.) for relatively few calories. Coconut sap sugar is an example of a nutrient-dense food.


6. Coconut sugar is a natural and healthier alternative to most sweeteners. It can be used in several ways just as you would normally use other sugars or sweeteners in baking, cooking, as a sweetener for your coffee, tea and others.

7. Please read the comparison between coconut sap sugar and : 

Tips On How To Keep Coconut Sugar From Hardening


The original packaging of your coconut sugar will be sealed to avoid moisture from getting inside the packaging. Usually, most sugars tend to harden like a rock  once the original packaging has been opened because the water evaporates. 

The following are useful and easy tips to keep your coconut sugar soft. The important key is to keep the air out.


1. Transfer you hardened coconut sugar in a pint-sized or gallon-sized zip-lock plastic bag. It is best to date the plastic bag especially if you do not use your sugar often.

2. Squeeze out all the excess air as you tightly seal the zip-lock plastic bag.

3. In a day or two you will find that your coconut sugar will become soft and ready to use and enjoy.

Important Reminder:

To make sure that you are getting 100 percent  pure , authentic  coconut sap sugar that is not adulterated with other synthetic ingredients or mixed with other types of brown sugars you need to make sure you are sourcing / buying your coconut sap sugar only from reliable and trustworthy coconut sap sugar sources such as Coconut Republic company who specializes, pioneers ,promotes  and sells 100 percent coconut sap sugar.